Welcome to my Wiki! This is a space for keeping my public notes, and other things I want to remember and reference.

Below is a table of all the pages. They are sorted by the name they were published as.

Wikis Timestamps
A/B Testing 1650745900
Ackley Function 1651198135
Adam H Image Capable Digital Mode (AHICDM) 1651196238
ADS-B (Mode-S) modulator 1650745913
Advent Of Code (AoC) 1650745972
American Express EMINQ (Inquiry) and EMCBK (Chargeback) files 1650242128
APT (Automatic Picture Transmission) 1650831275
Average Distance Classifier 1651712110
Bencode 1651143679
Bird Style 1650497321
Blum Blum Shub 1654842768
BOINC Scheduler RPC Protocol 1651712215
Caffeine Half-life Calculator 1651714816
Creole 1651714230
Cryptography 1651521714
Daytime Protocol 1657512375
Docker 1665561842
Dunning–Kruger effect 1655522231
Frequency Modulation 1657512375
Game of Life 1655489152
Hill Climbing Algorithm 1651442586
NextCloud 1650843907
Pseudorandomness 1650731892
SerenityOS 1651714440
Style 12 1651562415
The Stack and the Heap 1669744181
Timestamp 1650846218
Vernam Cipher 1657512375