Hey, I'm Mert. Currently studying Computer Engineering at BEng degree. I'm tech enthusiast who is like to deal with low-level programing, generic algorithms, autonomy. Also, I'm interested in 3D modeling since I bought a 3D printer.

I liked to create things that able to think. Don't you worry, I'm not Victor and I'm not creating a Frankenstein (kinda). I usually making autonomous flying or floating vehicles. If you want to inspect, I left a link here.

I can describe myself an audiophile, I liked to listen musics at extreme quality on high-end equipment. Mostly listening EDM and Rock genree. Also, I watching series when I get some free-times after work and school. As a concept I'm interested in mind-blow, sci-fi and drama. Especially I really love, if the main character has no emotion at the beginning and learning the emotions (like how to love, how to feel, how to empathy etc...) through the series. In here, you can check my rates to watched series.. Last hobby of mine is amateur camping. I am full build since 1 year. I prefer to camp on unvisited areas.

GPG: 0xD860828DB5ED4BAC 5661 1C48 2092 7332 18A5 D24B D860 828D B5ED 4BAC