BunnyCDN Log file format

June 18, 2022 - Reading time: ~1 minute

The BunnyCDN log format is a plain-text format. By default, BunnyCDN provides logs for 3 days, and you can fetch these with your account key.

Each request is logged on a separate line, and the fields are delimited by |. Here are the fields in order, and their short descriptions.

  1. Cache status
    • If the request was served from the cache, the value is HIT. Otherwise, the value is MISS.
  2. Status code
    • The HTTP status code
  3. Request timestamp
    • UNIX timestamp of the request
  4. Bytes sent
    • The size of the response
  5. Pull zone ID
  6. Remote IP
    • The IP address of the client
  7. Referrer URL
    • The address given in the Referer header.
  8. URL
    • Self-explanatory
  9. Edge location code
    • The CDN location that served the request
  10. User-Agent
    • The value of the User-Agent header
  11. Request ID
    • Unique ID for the request
  12. Country Code
    • The country code of the client IP

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